Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Oh boy

You know you have one of those great ideas, that turns out to be, well, not so great? Well, the idea was to walk the lurchers home from the garage as the car is in for its MOT. We have moved recently and the walk would take them through their old patch - Denton Dene.
It started off fine: Rover stealing a ball off a labrador and both dogs having a whale of a time. Then It happened. Rover had gone towards the ponds and I called him back. The smell actually preceded him in a wave. We met a couple walking their spaniel and they noticed too. I now have to walk the length of Benwell with Public Health Hazard No 1 on the end of a lead. Heads will turn. Those of weak constitutions may blanche and faint. Pray for me, for we may be chased away with brickbats.