Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Route via Coalburms (post lost and found from over the summer)

It is a beautiful Friday and the conflicting need to tidy the house and desire to set off on a long lurcher ramble was won by the latter - hands down.
So we are heading to the head of Moor Road and from there heading across country to Coalburms, a tiny place with nothing to recommend it except a little blue mug symbol on the map.
Rover and Amazon are a little disgruntled by all of this time on the lead and I am a little disgruntled by all the flies drawn by our sweat, but the road is carrying us onwards and upwards very swiftly and we can enjoy the rarified air of the moors soon.

Well the best laid plans of mice and men ... The walking has been fine for the most part but just when things should have been easiest I couldn't find the way out of the last field before the road, so we ended up in a little wood full of nettles and brambles before deciding the barbed wire fence in the field would be easier.

But that was not the worst. We got to  Coalburns to find the sign for the Fox and Hounds welcoming us. Unfortunately the door was closed fast against us at about 1pm. Denied! So we have turned around and looked for somewhere shady to have lunch.

On the way we passed the field, and from the roadside I spotted what was invisible from the field: a signpost. To be fair it was nearly invisible from the road too, thanks to 2m tall bracken. So I pulled and trampled until sign and stile were visible from both sides and continued on.

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