Friday, 27 November 2015

Time has passed

More of an update than a Lurcher Tale I am afraid. We have moved again, this time to Hexham, and I have a job again, which is why the Lurcher Tales have been neglected. We have a new regular route that takes us to the Sele and back, and we have a handful of alternatives that keep life interesting, such as the walk up to Warden (with a stop-off at the Boatside, naturally!) or a drive down to Corbridge to walk along the riverside there.
Rover and Amazon are still much the same but they are getting older, though no more sensible. We are surrounded by cats here, which is not good, but there is a sensible attitude to fireworks, which seem to only be used very close to Bonfire night and not to continue after 10pm, which is a real blessing.
I took this picture of Rover recently in Whittle Dene near Ovingham, which is a walk that they have known since they were puppies and is probably about as far from us in Hexham as it was when we lived in Newcastle.

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